Sitemap - 2021 - Ebla to E-Books: The Preservation and Annihilation of Memory

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Joachim Krüger

James Webb Space Telescope & Tesla Christmas 2021

Former People

Printing Museum

Book Breaker, Otto Ege

"The Last Bookseller"


Veterans Day

"Can You Ever Forgive me ?"--Lee Israel

Ulysses 100

Antiquarian Ghost Stories of M.R. James

Baseball Library at Hall of Fame


Prince of the Eye

X-Acto blade outs Map Thief

French censorship in L'Ancien Régime

Four billion maps and globes

Soviet Military Archives.

Belarusian Writers Union ‘Forcibly Dissolved’

Library Hand- Dewey & Edison

Ivan Bunin, Russian, Nobel Prize

Tbilisi’s ‘Untamed Books’ Exhibition

Sun-God Tablet of King Nabû-Apla-Iddina

"Bring Me Three Large Beers"

Smuggled on Microfilm; Typewriter ribbons seized! "The Book was arrested!"

Roget-Thesaurus & Slide Rule

Asteroid Watch

Prague Floods of 2002

Newspapers from Prison

The Henry Davis Gift

Dan Brown-Library Donor

Thousand Buddha Grottoes and the Library Cave in Dunhuang China

Comix Stolen in Tallahassee

Don Quixote's Books Burned

Don Quixote & John Vanderbank

Gnomes & Rare Books

Flood of Florence-1966

“Iron Felix”

Hawker of Morwenstow

Digital Scriptorium

Kai Lung-Oft Quoted Sage

Zaragoza Manuscripts

Book Burning in Canada

The Wandering Whore

The Big Show in Bololand

Jesuits & Globalization

Hurricanes Katrina & Rita & Libraries; Hurricane Ida?

Stalin's Library

Pirate Prince of Publishers

Yellow-Backs were Railway Reading.

Matenadaran-Wisdom, Experience, Humanism That Endured Centuries

Cairo Genizah-870 CE to 19th century

2 Famous Forgers

British Press Control during the ”Great Palestinian Revolt" -1936-1939.

Burning of Smyrna 1922 (now Izmir)

Poignant: Elmer Belt Library Dispersed (online news site) shut down by Ukraine

Tribes Must Be Consulted: Seattle National Archives Saved

Glavlit-Soviet Censorship

Taliban Library & Poetry


Great Game (1837-1907)

The Cathedral of Our Lady (Antwerp)

Dennis Hopper recites "If" by Rudyard Kipling on the Johnny Cash Show in 1970

The High Priestess/Zweistromland

Sri Lanka & the Tsunami of 2004

The Roosevelt Library of China

Golden Dawn: (Aurora Aurea)

German Archive Struggle: Post Potsdam

Elvis Presley "If I Can Dream”& his Annotated copy of "The Prophet."

Jagiellonian Library of Poland

Deportation of the Jews of Rhodes.

World War I & India

Bob, Woody & Bruce have Archives

Serial Killer or not? Gilles De Rais Burned & Hanged in 1440.

No bawdy houses, harlots or too many U.S. Flags

Russians as non-European barbarians?

Beheaded in Bordeaux

Crimean War-Little Censorship


A Collection of Book Collectors

Mexican Inquisition & Facebook

Spanish Armada

"a contagious and delirious mania"

Crimean Tartars-Censorship

Palace Project

Sarajevo Haggadah: Saved by Librarians

GAFIA-Away from Reality

Scholars of Fortune

Underground Comix

Mussolini: Cover Boy

Ian Fleming & Wikipedia

Sherlock Holmes

Polar newspapers

Ian Fleming- Astounding Book Collector

Bastille Day is today (Fête nationale)

Genshin Impact-Censorship: "gacha game has some pretty egregious seediness".

Carlsbad Decrees (1819)-Censorship in the German Confederation 

Fear of the Dark Masses

U.S. Office of Censorship, 1941-1945

Green Book Center Burned

Book of Mormon- Most Expensive Book

Indonesia was a surveillance state under the Dutch. Dutch king apologizes in 2020.

Abkhazia libraries burned in 1992

Notes from a Dead House

"Moral Degeneracy!"-Ezekiel Gathings

$4.4 Million for Declaration of Independence- Sold July 1, 2021

Pharmacy COVID History Sought

Audubon Heist--in Schenectady

Legacy Library of Young Stars

5 Million Pages of Thomas Edison

Romanian writing by young authors was particularly butchered.

Marconi Archives

Kelmscott Press Day is Today

Napoleon's Libraries

Robert Burns' priceless First Commonplace Book.

Jaffna Library in Sri Lanka burned in 1981

Apple Daily Closed by China

30 web domains linked to the Iranian regime seized.

Bucharest University Library burns in 1989

Counterfeits & Forgeries

Paper engineering in 1259


Gibbon's Library was wantonly dispersed

Comic Beats Algebra

Jackie Gleason's Library--"The Great One" and the Occult.

Storming of the monasteries -'Klostersturm' & Carmina Burana

Book Addict: Boudewijn Büch

Vagabond Matti Pohto, Drifter Who Loved Books, Saves Finland Heritage

Dead Souls-Dead End?

Regiomontanus: Astrolabe & Library

Canadian Censorship

The Archimedes Palimpsest

Gilgamesh in Ireland by Macnas

Burning of Library at Lomonosov Moscow State University -1812.

"Porn Rock," Satanism & Tipper Gore, fmr. 2nd Lady

All libraries in Belize/British Honduras Destroyed by 1931 Hurricane

Algeria-University Library Burned in 1962

What happens the day after the revolution?

Tsunami 2004

Cold War Ends-Fall of the Bibliographic Wall and Die Wende.


Pamphlet Wars

Holy Qurans Preserved

Lt. Joe Tom's Loot

Battles of Little Sparta

Electrotype Plates & Electrotypers

Exterminate All the Brutes

Benin Expedition-1897

Potala Palace

Elmer Gantry by Sinclair Lewis

Scarface film banned in 1932

Estonia's Museum of Banned Books: Keelatud Kirjandus

David King, The Commissar Vanishes

Jan Hus-Burned with Writings in 1415

Punk Rock History in Flames

How Iceland Changed the World

Mzuzu University Library -Malawi

Secret Jesuit Library in Wales

Yuri Knorozov (Soviet) & Mayan decipherment

Topkapi Palace Library

Émile by Rousseau-lacerated and burned

Dar al-‘Ilm- Fatimid library in Cairo

André Breton collection dispersed

Jumièges Abbey

Hong Kong Librarians Ordered to Take Down Books-May 7, 2021.

Bibliotheca Palatina:"arrow-bolts of heretical godlessness"

Book Burning in the New Jerusalem

German Peasants' War of 1525

Darcy Glinto -jailed for obscene books

Qu Dajun banned by Qing state

St. Photius' Myriobiblon- 50% Gone

The Censor's Library

Philip Roth Bio-CANCELLED

Nobel winner V.S. Naipaul banned in India

The Untold Story of Imelda Marcos

Justinian orders heretical books to be burned.

Twitter Obeys Indian Gov't Censoring of COVID Criticism

Lost Library of John Dee

Library of Congress Burned by Brits-1814.

Foreign Legion Film Banned in Canada

Kabuki & the Fifteen-Year War.

Burning of 10,000 Talmuds

Forbidden Knowledge

Chinese Schools remove Politically Incorrect Books.

University of Cape Town Library Burns

Military Censorship in Argentina: 1976-1983. "The Official Story."

U.S. Propaganda & Censorship in WWI

Ireland and British Censorship 1914-1921.

Exsurge Domine: Cardinal Wolsey Burns Luther's Writing; Luther Burns Papal Bull

Fire burns Ice(landic) Collection

Dubrovnik- Library of the Inter-University Centre

"Damnatio Memoriae"

The Spirit of Laws (1748)

Library of the Raven King-Bibliotheca Corviniana

Nobel Prize Author, Gabriel García Márquez, books burned in Chile

Napoleon's Troops Burned the library and archives of the Benedictine Abbey of Santa Maria de Montserrat.

Oklahoma Witch Hunt: CP Progressive Book Store Raided- August 1940.

Blood & the Soul: Michael Servetus: Burned for Heresy-1553.

"The Massacre at Chios" & Facebook Censored Delacroix.

Cambodia's National Library Used as a Piggery by Khmer Rouge

Casanova Wins in the End

"foolish madmen shall be branded with the ignominious name of heretics"

"an immense void in the historical sources of European civilization"

Legitimizing the suppression of radicalism.

House of Wisdom Destroyed-1258.

Isaac Babel, writer, executed by NKVD in 1940

"because they contained nothing but superstition and the devil's falsehoods, we burnt them all"

“The Seat of Wisdom Shall Not Be Overturned”-Twice Burning of the University Library in Louvain, Belgium: 1914 and 1940.

Japan destroyed the Oriental Library of Shanghai in 1932.

Ma Jian: "Might of the state rests on its erasure of history, private and public."

A Book that provoked an Attack on an Indian Research Institute was withdrawn by Oxford University Press.

What does John Milton (1644) suggest about deplatforming on Facebook and Twitter?

Annihilation of Memory

Creation, and Destruction of Memory and Ideas