GAFIA-Away from Reality

Internet Speculative Fiction Database

GAFIA today means “getting away from it all” (usually from fandom) but it can also mean let’s take a trip away from the mundane world. What could be better than spending a few hours (or days) wandering through the pages of the giant online library devoted to speculative faction? You can contribute!

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database1

To give some idea just how much information can be found at the ISFDB, some current stats are as follows:

  • Authors listed: 216,901.

  • 440,409 novels,

  • 30,774 anthologies,

  • 47,819 collections,

  • 57854 magazines.

    The site also tracks awards, from major awards like the Hugo and Nebula, down to comparatively obscure awards like the Balrog, the Gandalf, and the Dragon. Stats change on a daily basis; a small army of volunteers works diligently to keep up with speculative fiction and its affiliated genres.2


The Internet Speculative Fiction Database (ISFDB) is a database of bibliographic information on genres considered speculative fiction, including science fiction and related genres such as fantasy fiction and horror fiction.


Nicoll, James David (April 30, 2021). “The Single Best Bibliographical Resource There Is (if You Like SFF).”