Digital Scriptorium

Search for Fighting Snails

The Digital Scriptorium is a growing consortium1 of American libraries and museums committed to free online access to their collections of pre-modern manuscripts.2

The big contributors so far:

  • Columbia- 5486 images

  • Free Library of Philadelphia- 3397 images

  • Harvard- 3246 images

  • Huntington Library- 3238 images

  • Smith College- 3748 images

  • University of California, Berkeley - 3438 images

  • Yale University-46859 images.

The Digital Scriptorium website unites scattered resources from many institutions into a national digital platform for teaching and scholarly research. It serves to connect an international user community to multiple repositories by means of a digital union catalog with sample images and searchable metadata. Many DS records also link out to the websites of our contributors, where users can discover further information about these collections.

You can search for snails. Try it here. 3


Digital Scriptorium. Statistics. Medieval Artists Really Loved Painting Battles With Snails.


(Thanks to EM for this idea).