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Santa Claus Isn't Real and Neither is a Free Press

New Tsars like the Old Tsars

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Bob Dylan's _Philosophy of Modern Song_

Funeral History Museum

Hernán Cortés Manuscript Stolen from Mexican National Archives Found

Happy Birthday Voltaire

Ruhnama -“Book of the Spirit”

The Art of Reading in the Middle Ages

Pepys Library at Magdalene College

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This is a Test, Thank You for Your Patience

Evangeline Gallagher Wins the 2022 Folio Book Illustration Award

Sibyl of the Rhine-St. Hildegard of Bingen-Feast Day is 9/17

Aubrey Beardsley at 150

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100 Books Famous in Typography

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Original Manuscripts of The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings are in Milwaukee: Exhibit Opens August 19

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The Three Marias: Arrested & Imprisoned in Lisbon in 1973

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Tolkien genealogy chart on Auction July 16

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70,000 people could live in "City of Caves" underground in Matiate, Türkiye (Turkey)

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How The States Got Their Abbreviations

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Circle to Siberia


"The Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac" by Eugene Field

Chilean Forces Pillaged the National Library of Peru in 1881

Brazil Lost National Museum in Fire

World War II Records Digitized

Lithuanian Book Smugglers (Knygnešiai)

Reese Collection Auction

Saint Cuthbert's Gospel-British Library buys for £9 million

Unburnable Book

Building the Bookman’s Paradise: J. Pierpont Morgan’s Library

Irish Records restored as Virtual Record Treasury


Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

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