Scripophily. You never fail to amaze.

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One of your best. Does a lot in a short space.

TONO-BUNGAY sounds great. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tono-Bungay It seems to have elements that were science fiction at the time but have since become routine: "George tries to rescue his uncle's failing finances by stealing quantities of a radioactive compound called 'quap' from an island off the coast of West Africa, but the expedition is unsuccessful." I am ashamed I have not read a lot of Wells outside of his most famous novels and several widely anthologized short stories; he was very prolific. (I love "The Truth About Pyecraft," which I first encountered in one of Alfred Hitchcock's anthologies for young readers: https://the.hitchcock.zone/wiki/Alfred_Hitchcock%27s_Ghostly_Gallery_(book) )

In the abstract crypto and FTX seem like an invention of Victorian futurists like Wells and Verne -- invisible, intangible private currency stored in "adding machines" outside the reach of government treasuries -- but Victorians might have rejected the idea as too absurd.

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